Mona Lake Jones, known to many as Grandhoney, served as Poet Laureate for the City of Seattle and Washington State’s Martin Luther King County. She is a writer, orator, educator and model of an African American woman still unfolding.  Her experience as a community activist coupled with her writing talent and presentation skills has gained her a national reputation.

She has traveled extensively throughout the country speaking to education institutions, civic groups, conventions and celebrations about issues of culture and diversity. She is a motivational speaker using her poetry to inspire audiences.  Jones’ writing is described as insightful, entertaining and purposeful. 
She continues to receive standing ovations when she shares her writing with both adults and children. College students and other adult audiences learn through her unique use of rhythm and rhyme. “I got chills down my spine and goose bumps on my arms from the wonderful images and memories her words brought up,” said one of her fans.

The Seattle Times once reported her as “The Maya Angelou of the Pacific Northwest.” Mona’s ability to capture audiences by singing and speaking her stories and poetry make her an exciting talent!

Her published books The Color of Culture, The Color of Culture ll, The Color of Culture lll feature a rich portrayal of life experiences and perspectives. These meaningful collections of original pieces reflect the combined personal and professional exposure of the author. They are a balanced mix of compassion, humor and inspiration about living African American. The poems have been featured in Essence Magazine, painted by artists Paul Goodnight, Habibi Owens and Gray Shephard danced by a New York ballet company, interpreted and discussed in classrooms and performed in programs and pageants by many. The book Unleashing the Power of a Sister speaks directly to women encouraging them to thrive. Her most recent book Nectar From Grandhoney is a collection of written  thoughts for you to ponder. On the CD, Poetry Dancing on Music -The Sounds of Culture, her spoken words are accompanied by the melodic sounds of jazz, rhythm and blues. 

Dr. Jones is a graduate of Washington State University, University of Washington and Seattle University where she received her doctorate in educational leadership.  She has taught school from elementary through the community college and university level.  She has also worked in public relations and is the vice-president of Impact communications.

Honors include having been selected by the Ford Foundation as a Freedom Sister for her community, civic and literary contributions. She was featured as one of twelve women on the National Distinguished Black Women Calendar and is now listed as a United States History Maker. The Medium Newspaper named her as a Seattle Trail Blazer.

Mona Lake Jones uses poetry to celebrate living.  Her writing invokes positive thinking about the world and motivates you to play a role in making it better!